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Raising poultry for food or profit.

Apr 29

Become More Self Sufficient-Raising Shetland Sheep, Dexter Cattle, Nigerian Dwarf Goats & Bunnies

Mannie April2013 thumbnail 2b

Don’t under estimate what you can accomplish on a small plot of land or even in a small confined area. Be creative and use the internet for something other than talking to your friends on social media sites. Ask questions, research possibilities, and more important…get started! My small homestead farm is located on 7 acres …

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Jun 19

New Turkey Poults for the Farm

Mar 28

Heritage Poultry: Hatching Goslings and Turkey Poults

It is time to start hatching your heritage poultry eggs if you haven’t already. Depending on the locale or hatchery you purchase your eggs from, the turkeys and geese have either started to lay their eggs or will be soon. There are many heritage breeds to choose from but consider the breeds that are on …

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