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Jul 23

Planting Late Summer for a Fall Garden

06-13-10 057

Do you maximize your growing season by planting a late summer garden? In late June and early July I start seeds for my fall garden. Some I start in seed trays while others I start in three inch pots. I started bush cucumbers in the seed trays which I am now transferring over to a …

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Jan 25

Almost Time To Start Your Garden Seeds


It’s almost that time of year (depending upon where you live) to get your seeds started for your upcoming garden. There are many ways to do this including outside cold frames, inside seed trays near southern exposure windows, or indoor greenhouse trays with grow lights. You may not have the ideal situation, but there is …

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Nov 04

Recycle Cardboard and Newspaper As Garden Mulch

cardboard compost

You can turn a space into a garden plot, simply by utilizing a blanket of cardboard and/or newspaper. Yes, cardboard along with a thick layer of shredded mulch will do the tilling for you (You may also add and/or substitute several layers of newspaper). Come time to plant, the weed patch will be weed-free and …

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Jun 19

Container Gardening

Creativity is the mother of invention. People throughout the years have always found a way to garden if they wanted to bad enough, regardless of the topography of their property or their soil types. If you think about container gardening in a larger form, then gardening in raised beds might not seem as difficult. The …

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