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Nov 04

Reduce Reuse Recycle To Make An Impact

You can make an impact by simply remembering to reduce, reuse, and reycle. Please like & share:

Feb 28

Rock Port, Missouri Powered By Wind

Rock Port, MO is a small town in northwest Missouri with a population of 1,395. It has become the first town in the United States to get all of its electricity from an alternative energy source. Once they opened a new 5 MW four-turbine wind farm, Rock Port put themselves in the history books and …

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Feb 22

Honey Bees Are Critical To Life

Honey bees pollinate everything essential to life as we know it. If bees did not pollinate the grass and clover, then our livestock would have nothing to eat. If they don’t pollinate our crops and orchards, then we don’t have anything to eat. It really is just that simple. Yes there are other pollinators but …

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Feb 14

State Energy Grants

Almost every state has instituted some form of energy grants to help homeowner’s install more energy efficient appliances, furnaces, or alternative energy system. There are also grants to assist in weatherization or insulation of a home to make it more energy efficient. Uncle Sam has many tax incentives to help a homeowner to offset the …

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Feb 06

Eco-Friendly Handbags and Footwear: Surprising Facts about Leather and PVC

Many of you have switched to purses made of polyvinyl chlorate (PVC) rather than carry a leather handbag. Although PVC is an animal-free alternative to leather, it does contain petroleum and other toxic chemicals. While trying to save an animal you may have moved dangerous toxins into your homes — into your very closets. The …

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Jan 31

Home Energy Saving Tips:Going Green Preparation

Whether you like it or not and whether you are prepared or not, winter does come every year. Instead of procrastinating and thinking you have plenty of time, perform a home energy audit. Determine where your home needs work and develop a plan to get the work done. You may need to do more than …

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Nov 30

The American Bald Eagle: Threatened But Recovering

The United States congress adopted the American Bald Eagle in 1782 as the national emblem. Native Americans considered these birds to be holy and their feathers sacred adorning themselves with feathers to show their rank in the tribe or their prowess in battle. Not everyone thought these birds to be so honorable. According to myths …

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Nov 27

Why Climate Change Is Important To Know About

2009 is drawing to a close and the most important conference of the year has ended. The COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference has come and gone and most folks will go back to life as usual, not realizing the worst threat this world has ever been confronted with is very real and imminent. Do …

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