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I hope to be able to share both my webpage with my Facebook friends/followers and share my Facebook posts with my webpage followers. This is also an attempt to become more time effiecient so that I may be able to keep both current and up-to-date with the happenings on my homestead farm and bring you new information to help you on your homestead.

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This is a good affordable way to save money and take care of your orchard. ... See MoreSee Less

April 19th  ·  

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I discovered several of these growing in my tree this morning (it's some kind of evergreen, I don't know what kind) what is it? I'm suspecting it is a form of fungus. ... See MoreSee Less

April 17th  ·  

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Dairy Cross Heifer for Trade

I have a dairy cross heifer (not a twin) that was bottle fed I wish to offer up for a trade. She is about 8 months old and easy to handle. I need 10 round bales of hay delivered in exchange for the heifer. The hay must be last years hay (not 2 years old been sitting outside!) without foxtail or Johnson grass...not junk hay!

I live south of Aurora off of Hwy 248 about 2 miles east of the old Jenkins Kwik Stop. I do not have a tractor so the bales will have to come in on a dump trailer or be rolled off of a trailer.

Please pm if interested.
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April 10th  ·  

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Farm Labor needed for 6 +/- hours tomorrow April 12, 2017.

Location: South of Aurora, MO

I need someone that can help me around my small homestead farm tomorrow. Do not bother to contact me if you are worried about stepping in something with your designer tennis shoes or if your phone call is more important than doing the job you are hired to do.

The odd jobs are all things I can do but would get done easier and quicker with someone younger without the disabilities I have. You will need to be able to pick up at least 50 lbs, walk back and forth across the yard without needing a break and not mind getting dirty. If you are afraid of animals or the smell of animals and/or their manure is too offensive, please stay home. I have a working homestead farm with a lot of critters so you will more than likely step in something you'll need to clean off later.

I pay $10 per hour cash. I'm not a slave driver but do expect a certain amount of work to be completed. All tools or equipment needed to complete any job will be provided. I just need someone willing to work and show up to work.

PM if you have further questions.
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April 11th  ·  

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